Fuel the foundation of a healthy gut with new

Advanced Peribiotics™


Packed with a rich source of branched fats found naturally in Vernix caseosa, Advanced Peribiotics™ is the first of its kind in gut nutrition to help support a healthy gut and healthy microbiome.

World’s first branched fat supplement

Branched fats were part of your very first meal in your mother’s womb. Advanced Peribiotics™ is a boosted source of branched fats that help support a healthy gut and gut microbiome.


Advanced Peribiotics™ Sachets

Vernx Advanced Peribiotics™ is now available
in selected pharmacies and online.
Each carton contains 30 sachets. 

Vernx Peribiotics Packs

Branched fats were your first meal

In the weeks before birth in our mother’s womb, our skin shed a waxy coating called vernix caseosa (or vernix for short). Aside from protecting the skin, this coating served another important purpose – it was our very first meal.

 Advanced Peribiotics™

is the first supplement packed with branched fats
– nature’s building blocks of a healthy gut environment.

World’s first peribiotic to look after a healthy gut and healthy microbiome

Gut health has primarily focused on just one part of the gut environment – the friendly bacteria (bugs) that live along the length of the digestive system. Peribiotics are a new class of supplements that focus on the entire foundation of gut health – the human gut cells (body) and the bacteria (bugs).

Advanced Peribiotics™ is packed with branched fats – nature’s own building blocks of a healthy gut