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Vernx Daily Peribiotics Sachets

Vernx Daily Peribiotics is now available online. Each carton contains 30 sachets.

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“50% of adults suffer from gut problems”


“World’s first peribiotic to look after a healthy gut and healthy microbiome.”

Gut health has primarily focused on just one part of the gut environment – the friendly bacteria (bugs) that live along the length of the digestive system. Peribiotics are a new class of supplements that focus on the entire foundation of gut health – the human gut cells (body) and the bacteria (bugs).

Take Control Of Your Gut Health

Many people from around the world live with symptoms of poor digestive health every day. A healthy, well functioning digestive system provides protection from infection, regulates metabolism, and gives you more energy and vitality. Bright eyes, clear skin and healthy nails are also indicators that nutrients are being properly absorbed through the digestive tract.

On the flip side, an unhealthy digestive system can cause discomfort, bloating, irregularity, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or diarrhoea. To ensure your own gut health, download this E-book and do your part to maintain a healthy and well functioning digestive system.

What People Think

“This has helped me greatly with my ongoing battles with IBS, Gastroparasis and many other gut problems that have been very stressful throughout my daily life.”
~ L. Connelly

I cannot thank you enough for creating this product. I have been thrilled to have found something that worked for me and that has given me hope of healing. “
~ Belinda

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to take it before seeing any effect?

Results are very individual but feedback we have from over 1,500 customers is that there is a noticeable difference within 3 days to a week. Maximum benefits after 2 weeks.

What kind of effect should I expect to observe, after a week, a month, 3 months, 6 months?

Depends on your starting symptoms. Those with constipation/bloating etc without a diagnosed gut disease report the earliest benefit. Some getting radical improvements within a couple of days. Again, results vary from individual to individual. Best to try yourself.

If I stop taking the product will its effects dissipate, or does it induce a permanent change in the body?

Gut cells themselves have lifetimes of only about a week and are constantly renewed, thus stopping use could lead to a return of symptoms. Starting use again is likely to improve symptoms.

What are the ingredients contained in Daily Peribiotics?

Daily Peribiotics consist of 5 billion cells of Bacillus subtilis BG01-4™ and Maltodextrin. It is free from ingredients containing allergens such as milk, egg, nuts, gluten and soy.

How long do I take the product for?

We often get this question. The product is safe and designed to be taken daily for as long as you feel it is doing good. The idea is to keep nourishing the gut with branched fats to help diversify and maintain a healthy microbiome as well as support healthy gut cell growth. Some customers use it periodically to correct imbalances after antibiotic use or diarrhoea. Again this is dependent on how you feel it is helping you.

If I take more of the product (say two doses a day) are there any side effects?

No. Completely safe.

What is the long-term impact of taking Vernx Peribiotics?

There are no long-term negative effects and has the potential to improve gut health in the long term.

What are Peribiotics and how are they different from Probiotics and Prebiotics?

Peribiotics (peri meaning ‘all encompassing’) are a new category of gut-health support that can simultaneously and positive affect gut cells in the digestive environment (microbiome). Specifically, Vernx PeribioticsTM are made with a proprietary spore-forming strain of the ‘good’ bacteria, Bacillus subtilis BG01-4™, that naturally contains branched fats.

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