The Gut Health revolution

Scientists continue to open up the secrets of the gut and its role in our bodies.

Here are some amazing facts about the gut microbiota.

Branched fats – nature’s foundation for a balanced gut

Branched fats are found widely in nature. Observing that branched fats make up a majority of vernix caseosa (the waxy residue often seen on the skin of newborn babies), scientists set out to investigate the role nature designed it for.

What they discovered was that branched chains in the vernix form part of our very first meal – ingested in utero (in the womb).

Now scientists are investigating the role of branched fats in communicating and supporting the immune system, as well as other roles the human gut plays as a second control centre of the body.

Branched fats were your first meal

In the weeks before birth in our mother’s womb, our skin shed a waxy coating called vernix caseosa (or vernix for short). Aside from protecting the skin, this coating served another important purpose – it was our very first meal.

As we prepared for birth, we swallowed fluid containing the vernix. This lined our developing digestive system with a rich source of nutrients – a special meal designed to feed specific strains of friendly bacteria we needed to prevail in our gut.

It’s a process we know is important, because when premature babies are not able to feed on vernix, they are at a higher risk of gut infections after birth.

The gut and the brain are in direct contact via the vagus nerve

On average there are around 1,000 species of microbiota in our gut

The gut is the body’s main supplier of serotonin
(the happy hormone)
The gut is made up of more bacterial cells than human cells in the intestines (around 100 trillion!)
The gut is continually exposed to entering invaders (pathogens) thereby a focus of the immune system

The microbiome refers to the delicate balance of beneficial (friendly) bacteria in your intestine. Not only do they help break down food for digestion, they are also important for other functions as well.

Together the gut cells and the bacteria living beside them are a living ecosystem. Just like us, they need the best quality food and nutrients to maintain a healthy balance.

Branched fats are what makes our products so different from other gut health products. This symbol is your guarantee that our product contains verified branched chain fatty acids – nature’s foundation for a balanced gut.

Branched Fats