Our Pipeline 

Vernx Biotechnology’s branched fat patented technology platform has led to the development of four specific products with a focus on specific applications – dietary supplements, infant formula, pharmaceuticals and as a food ingredient.

Food Ingredient

There is a growing interest in developing functional foods to support gut health. Vernx Peribiotics offer a unique gut health proposition in a format that is easily processed, shelf stable and does not alter the taste profile of the product it is added to. Vernx launched its first product in this market in July 2020.

Dietary Supplements

The global probiotic and gut health supplement market is significant and is the fastest growing nutritional market sector. Our branched fats platform have a range of positive effects on microbiota ecology and as well as the gut epithelial cells, and is a novel and unique offering to this segment. Vernx will launch its second product in December 2020.

Infant Formula

Branched fats are a unique and important fatty acid found in human breast milk but not currently in infant formula. With growing interest in infant gut health, Vernx is developing the world’s first branched fat infant formula ingredient.


Branched fats are a significant component of vernix caseosa (the white waxy substance on newborn baby skin). It is now understood that vernix caseosa sloughs off into the amniotic fluid and is ingested by the developing foetus. It is important in the early microbiota seeding, gut epithelial cell development and immunity. As this occurs in the last trimester, preterm premature babies do not get this essential fatty acid and also suffer a range of severe gastrointestinal diseases. We are developing a proprietary products targeting the treatment of necrotizing enterocolitis.